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Busy Weekend

It's been a busy week for us.  Hubby made the 3-day vacation (Friday is Phil. Independence Day and a holiday) a real holiday treats for us.  And we arrived home last night feeling so tired and sleepy.  The price I have to pay? I’m so sleepy right now and having a bit of a head ache.


We went to Quaipo, mall strolling, watched a horror movie, traveled to Laguna, grocery shopping, Tagaytay again, ate at Leslie’s Restaurant, bought raisins bread at Bag of Beans, fruits galore (big pineapple sold at P10 each), attend his office mate baptismal, proceed to Landmark Makati, stroll around until I finally gave in because I was so tired and sleepy and I want to go home.  Good thing my sister came with us with her ever reliable car and they brought us home right in front of our door step. 

Our favorite place to relax, Tagaytay

But it was a very fulfilling week for us.  I was able to do my on budget and save plan and I hope I can carry on till we have enough savings for our future.

Ishi's baptismal, with his office mates and hubby is one of the god parents.

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