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After the Rain

Finally the rain is heavy rain is over, still raining but unlike yesterday. Typhoon Ondoy left the Philippines with more than 40 dead and thousands of homeless people, destroyed properties from a record breaking rainfall since 1967 in Metro Manila that leads the government to declared Metro Manila and 26 more areas in Luzon under the state of calamity. When I saw the news in TV, we are so stunned that “Ondoy” turned several parts of Metro Manila into a water world. I really felt weak from what I saw. As if these floods will sink the whole places in just several hours. It was raining non-stop and my first time to experience this extreme weather condition and we can only pray that my friends and relatives are safe in their homes.

We are one of the lucky ones living in a higher place here in Paranaque, we know that our neighboring barangays are suffering to floods that almost reach up to half of their houses including my brother in-laws house in Salvador, Paranaque. We lost the electricity yesterday afternoon and till this morning. My sisters and my mom stayed here overnight because all the roads going to their home are flooded waist deep. They came from my nephews scheduled check-up to pedia that morning, if they just knew that the rain will worsen that afternoon, they wished they just postpone their visit. It was so hot that night despite of the rain but it was nothing compared to those people who are trapped in their roofs, no foods, no water, soaking wet and waiting to be rescued. Let’s pray that they will all be safe and this nightmare will be over so soon.

Here are some pictures I gathered while surfing the news in the net.

pics credit to owners

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