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Events Today

Hubby’s sad today. Why? Because when the rest of us are enjoying another non-working holiday, electronics and bpo’s company are exempted from the special proclamation and that includes his company. Last night, they had to work overnight for a special project in which they have to adjust their working time for their US counterparts. He went home at 6am today and as much as he wanted to rest and get more sleep, his phone keeps on ringing and he has no choice but to go back to work again.

My sisters and I went to see Aubrey at her school while they practice volleyball. The four sisters are complete and we’re joking that we are indeed a stage Tita’s, ha-ha! Of course, Aubrey got so conscious that she hardly made it on the service area. So we stayed there for just a few minutes and bid her goodbye. But we gave her the snacks and water and wish her goodluck.

Aubrey Reine during her volleyball practice this afternoon

It’s raining again and I’m here stuck at home. Need to do something to keep me busy. Tomorrow is yet another day.

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