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The sister of our administrator here in our office passed away last Sunday. And tonight is the last night of the wake, so we all went there in her place after work and pay our respect to her family. We are almost complete in attendance (including the couriers) that we filled the chairs and tables outside their house. Our condolences to Santos family and we pray for the eternal repose of her soul.

September 1 marked the sudden changes in our organizational chart. Our immediate supervisor was transferred to another project and far away from all of us and will be replaced by a new set of managers and officers in charge. It’s been three years that we all worked out together and tried to make everything all right for this project. There are ups and down but I can say that this team is one of the happiest I’ve been with since I worked here 6 years ago. I can always feel the sadness in my heart seeing someone going out (and never come back again) and saying their goodbyes. But as we know, there is nothing permanent except change. One day, we will all come to the point of deciding what is best for us and just hope that it will be for the better. So to our supervisor, good luck and just be happy and may the force be with you always.

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