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Old Memories

It’s been a rainy September this year. And were almost in the middle of the month and next month, October, is our wedding month. A while ago, when im cleaning one of our drawers to throw away some of the unused or broken headsets, chargers and wires, I opened one of the small boxes which contain mostly of receipts, food recipe cut outs and papers. I found one thing that I never thought I still have with me. It’s the receipt of the dinner we had in Waterfront Cebu City Hotel during our first wedding anniversary. We went there for 5 days and we enjoyed places and every minute that we spent together. Time really flies and now we are about to celebrate our fifth year together. We still don’t have plans but I wish we could go somewhere out of town just like before. But i hope the rains will stop.

I still cant think of any gifts that he might like. Men things are really common but expensive. I still have a month to do that. Might as well ask for some suggestions =)

a five year old receipt from our anniversary trip to Cebu

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