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I was browsing some US showbiz news online when I read something about Kanye West outburst to Taylor Swift during her acceptance speech for Best Female Video award in the recent MTV awards night.  That was so rude and celebrities reacted against him. Well, Beyonce made a gallant act on saving Taylor by calling her again to finish her speech. It was all over the news and in the You Tube and also, I think the Michael Jackson tribute by Madonna and his sister was so cool.  

Dirty dancing is my favorite dance movie of all time.  It became a super hit movie in the year 1987 with many people fell in love with the main man, Patrick Swayze.  And who would forget the movie Ghost with Demi Moore?  It was one of the super blockbuster movies of all time and I once watched it over and over with my friends.  It is in the breaking news that he died yesterday due to pancreatic cancer.  He’s a great loss to the Hollywood industries.  But his music and movies will always be with us forever.

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