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Franzine is now 3 years old, she can now appreciate things around her. And like my nieces and nephews, she is talkative, lively and cheerful who never fails to ask why in every answer you gave her. She likes to dance and sing though she can’t pronounce words perfectly (in short, bulol) but that doesn’t stop her from talking fast and wandering around. She loves fried chicken so much and sometimes want to eat just salt and oil mix with rice,haha! poor girl! =)

But toddlers are moody, but when in the good mood, expect the unexpected. So, when I asked her to dance for me because I need to check on my camera if the video is still working (but that’s just my way so I can pursue her to do it). I played her favorite dance song and the video can tell you what I’ve been telling you about her. Enjoy! =)

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