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Happy Times

It’s so sad when I saw that my female love bird died in unknown reason. I just saw the pair the night I went up to sleep just to found out that the wife died in the morning. They said that if I left alone the other pair, it will die too because of loneliness. My family and I went to Cartimar in Pasay and bought this cute little blue female love bird, she’s so cute that I thought she’s a perfect match for my yellow male. And it’s true, they are such a lovely couple (though at first they stayed away from each other for a while). Their nest is new and my sister gave them a cuttle bone.

The rain can’t stop us from making this weekend a memorable family day. My niece and nephew stayed here in our house and I’m so glad that they can feel so comfortable with me even without their mommies on their side. Franzine is the newest addition to our big family. She’s my cousin’s daughter whose working in Dubai (with her hubby) and she can make us laugh with her adorable smile and talents. She likes to sing and dance, especially the song Nobody by Wonder Girls. When in the mood, she would show us all her dance moves and actions. And she likes to stay with us during weekends. So when I bring her to Mall of Asia today, I let her ride in Carousel with Aubrey (to look after her) and I saw how that little gesture made her very happy and she even hugged me after the ride.

We all went to Quaipo and Ongpin yesterday and my sister treated Mom with a gold ring. Strolling around with your family can make a big difference in our busy schedules and that is enough for us.

Whenever they visits me, it was always a jam packed room. I can always feel that my room is too small to accomodate them all =)

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