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Shares of Sorrows

I’ve heard some heartbreaking news. The death and loss of someone you dearly love is imaginable. I admit that when Tatay (my father in-law) died, I don’t know what to do. It’s my first time that someone I used to live in the same house is forever gone and you can’t see him anymore. But I managed to go on with the flow with the help of my husband and we gave each other the strength to move on. This morning, we heard the loss of the innocent baby of our former office mate due to illness, and the story behind that family is not ordinary ( I wrote about that in my previous posts) we are so sad because it’s a family matter and we can’t do anything to help her but through prayers. I hope the baby is happy now with our Dear Lord.

We have our own share of sorrows in this life. I had experience not to eat a proper meal for 2 weeks because I was heartbroken and I thought the pain is unbearable. But after I drained my eyes from the tears, I moved on. With the help of my friends and family I started back to where I used to be, friendly, happy and positive. I cannot advise you on what to do when you are feeling sad and lonely and in pain. We are once became friends until something happened and things changed and I felt that it's much better this way. We often talked about family problems and everything that can lift up our heavy feelings and we both know it feels good that we have someone we can share about our frustrations or happiness in life. But I wish that you can surpass the pain and I know you can do it. I believe in you. God will show you the way.

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