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The mouth sores on my tongue are hurting thus preventing me to talk much.  My friends would often notice it because I’m quiet and inactive. (lol!) I usually had these mouth ulcers when my period is coming or the sudden change in weather. Rinsing my mouth out with brine (a warm salted water) sometimes help but still painful especially when eating solid foods.  One time, I decided to use the old ways of putting “tawas” or  aluminum Hydroxide on the open mouth sores and it hurts like hell that I cried out loud and hubby came rushing to my side and asked me what happened? Lol! Don’t know till when can I endure this pain and I hope soon.

Well, there’s another type of sore that I know.  These people that are distressing, unpleasant and annoying to the eyes which we called eye-sores. My friend is experiencing this and she can’t do anything about it because they sit side by side at work (ha-ha!) how unfortunate! Now, the only remedy she knows is to put a headset and concentrate at work and tried to maintain her composure and pray that the story telling is over. And that's my advised to her also.  Life is good, so don't waste your breath to these eye-sores =)

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

hahahaha. poor girl. at sino naman yang naasar at sino ang katabi nya. blind item itech! haha.