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Memorable Get Together

I really had a blasted weekend. Yesterday, I went to Paul Jake and Cathy get together held in a bar and grill restaurant somewhere in Quezon City. Though it was searing hot that morning, I kept my promise to the other members that I will help them to organize and decorate the venue so I came to the place 3 hours before the start of the program. It was fun laughing and talking to these newly found internet friends of mine. I really had grand moments with them.

Paul Jake and Cathy

Cathy was stunning and cheerful as ever, when she and Paul Jake enter the room, people were awed and surprised to see them together in one event. They had this chemistry together and everybody was happy seeing them participating in every games. Paul Jake was so accommodating and sweet and being handsome is another thing. They are both gorgeous and Aubrey and my cousin who came with me had a great time in the photo booth.

I hope we can still push through with the charity events so I can be with these two lovely ex-Pinoy Big brother housemates again =)

foods galore

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