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Back to the Real World

Yes! I finally finished the forth book of the Twilight Saga. I was stunned by the sudden twists of events in the book and we know that the story was just as impossible to be real - but still, i really can't help smiling after reading the last book, we all love to see a happy ending right? And Stephenie Meyer surely gave that to us. The books can now be added in my collections and it really felt so good reading.

When hubby and I came home from the mall, we're surprised with the heavy Christmas basket that our family friend sent us. Wow, the goodies in there were really yummy! And i just thought if i could just display it right across our dining table beside the Christmas center piece I made. And it looks perfect! Hehehe, i hope it will stay there till Christmas... and if hubby won't raid the basket =)

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