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"I told you so." I said to hubby when the whole Sunday and last night that he can't seems to interrupt me while reading the books of Twilight. And as i finished reading book 2, entitled New Moon, I said to myself i have to halt on reading because i will feel the withdrawal syndrome once I finish the 4 books in 4-5 days time. But these books are really tempting, I'm in Bella Swan and Edward Cullen's world every time I sit in the couch or lay down to bed reading their story with only the side bed lamp is lighted. I even told Milet that i want to be a vampire (lol!)

And i can't wait to watch the Twilight movie that will be shown in our theaters soon! I picture Bella and Edward on how they really look in the book from this movie poster except that i know that Edward's beauty is beyond imaginable.
Uhum... see? I'm really hooked! And i love it. =)

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

gosh, pinakamaganda ung 4th book yeth! grabe to the max. worth ung time ko sa pagbabasa nung tatlo.

ang ganda ng twist. super, saludo ako kay meyer! dissapointed ako ng konti dun sa tatlo pero ung pang apat kaiba! hahaha.