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Because I was able to watch Twilight movie just now! First day of showing and it feels really great! Whoa! The Edward Cullen mania were visible inside the movie theater when he first showed up in the big screen. And i admit, I feel like a teenager again (giggling a lot) even when my hubby's beside me. He just smiles coz he knows how far I can "like" a certain Hollywood actors and eventually stop when the fever is over. So, he was kind of used to with me like that =)

So the proof is here and I told him that I will keep this ticket till the last movie of Twilight saga will be shown in theater. And i will place it per every book. How's that? (haha!)

Happy because we went to check some book shelves in the hypermarket and I saw one that I really want and the style, it fits. I sweetly told him that's the one I want for Christmas and he answered that he taught the book set were his gift. But i argue that how are my books without a proper book shelf? He thinks I am being clever but I am =) And so, this weekend, we will buy the book shelf in SM. Yeheey!

See, November is quite a lucky month for me. Let's see how my December would be.

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2 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

feeling ko robert p. is so gayish on this movie. hahaha. the way he speaks tapos ang problema pa his lipstick bothers me a lot. haha.

pero in fairness ha you can see na parang ang bait ng mukha nya. kahit as cedrick diggory eh.

Mye said...

haha! bagay ang red cherry lips ni Rob sa movie, kasi sobrang white ng face nila =) yup, ang amo kasi ng face ni Rob - just like Cedric and Edward...loves ko sila pareho =)