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Hubby asked me last night that if maybe we could visit his Aunt in Pampanga on her birthday next week. He wants to borrow my sister's car so everyone could come along. I don't know what to say, but really, I don't want to go there. Leaving from work is easy, I know - I still have lots of t that I can use till December. The problem is - I don't feel I can take a minute or an hour being on his cousin's house. I just don't want to be there no matter how i want to heed on his request. I know I hurt his feeling on the direct "No" answer from me but its better than to asked him when we are already there to leave and go back home. I still have those not so good memories and encounters with his cousin and I don't want to ruin their party because I can't blend in. It just happen that his favorite Aunt (which I also fond of) is living in his i-don't-want-to-see cousin's house. I have lots of reasons and i know he understand me, he can asked for everything but i don't want to smile and be happy when i know i'm stirring inside. I am not ready and he knows that.

Well, i know we can still talk about it.

By the way, i still can't get over with my vampire mania. And i got really frustrated when i found out that the movie Twilight will be shown here by next week and not this week! I'm reading the book 3 ( eclipse) now and i already read the unpublished draft of Stephenie Meyer's book entitled Midnight Sun, i hope she will be able to change her mind and finish the book which i know will still be a bestseller because it is the story of Edward Cullen - his thoughts and feelings and his views. I'm begging hubby not to insist on playing a network game this week for i want to concentrate on reading (hahaha!) i said once i am over it then i'm back to my real world (lol!) Hay, it good to be in love, human or inhuman you may be... haha!

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