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Hubby with the rest of his family decided to go to Pampanga today.  I can't go with them, i was enlisted in the last batch of attendees for our e.performance training and i might not be evaluated if i don't attend (really, it's been a swift scapegoat not to go there too!) My sister willingly allowed us to borrowed her car.  And they off to go....

Hubby text me they are on the way home now though i'm not really alone, Chase is with me and he is dead tired from barking the whole day in my sisters house in Pasay (where they dropped them before they hit the road going to Pampanga)...  I scanned some Youtube videos of Rob Pattinson (my newest hollywood crush) and downloaded some songs in limewire.  I was jotting some notes on our Christmas lists and hubby's long line of  godchildren.  And it gives me a head ache =)

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