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What's Wrong?

I was bubbly and cheerful when I sat on my chair this here in the office this morning. I was talking about the Twilight movie that they want to watch too this weekend. At least, I have another motivation on this job which I really eager to leave each day. Actually, when i answered an organizational survey last Tuesday, all i wrote there were all our complains concerning our workplace ventilation and employees welfare. Since the survey doesn't need to include who you are, I might as well grab the chance to say what's really happening here.

And now, my joyous moods are all gone when I heard all the ranting and complains of one of the boss here and she can't even listen up to my office mate's explanations. She just keep on telling us that we are doing is wrong and we should follow the process, don't change it, and she keeps on coming here in our area when she thinks she has another bomb to explode right down in our face. She was just like that the whole week and we are wondering why.

I guess some good things never last. I might practice a never-mind-them face here. Oh, well.

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

ano na naman ba ang ginawa nyong mali ha. puro na lang mali ginagawa nyo ayan tuloy sinasabon kau. bwahaha. parang kilala ko yan ah. pagbigyan. tumatanda.

somethings never change. hahaha. buti na lang wala ako jan. pero baka kung anjan pa ko pwede pa ko equalizer. hahaha. un naman silbi ko jan eh.