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8 Things

To start of July 2009, here's one cute tag from sis Shar. Thanks sis! =)

8 Things I'm looking Forward To:

 Baby or babies =)
 New house
 New car
 My hubby's gift (Elba oven kaya?)
♥ A complete make over (hmmm... )
♥ Papa's birthday this July
♥ out of town vacation with my family
 happy and healthy family 

8 Things I Did Yesterday:

 Went to work
♥ quick kitchen supplies shopping at puregold
♥ 2 hours nap when i reached home, so sleepy eh.. =)
 update my farm ville in facebook
 List all my to-do's for this weekend
 finish watching my last episode of Starlit in youtube
 Did some sit-ups but hubby keep on laughing so i ended up
 ... surfing youtube and mysoju.com nalang (kainis! hehehe) he said he would really understand me If I'll tell him that I'm hungry (ha-ha!)

8 Things I Wish I Could Do:

 to finally use our airbike for some exercise 

 have our own business so i can...
 have at least 2 weeks break from work
 out of town escapade with my hubby for a month!
 ask Pres. Gloria Arroyo to have a non working holiday once a week (hehehe!)
 trim down my baby fats quickly! (baby fats?)

♥ learn advanced guitar and piano  playing

8 TV Shows I Watch:

 Animal planet
 TV patrol news
 Boys over flower (pag naabutan ko from office)
 ASAP 09
 Star World
 AXN TV Series
 Discovery Channel

8 People I Tag:


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2 shared their thoughts:

~ Mhay ~ said...

thanks for the tag Mye :) will do it immediately :)

Rosa said...

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