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Down with Fever

I am not exempted from getting sick in this ever changing weather. I woke up yesterday morning with a stomach ache and I thought I’m going to faint because it really hurts. And then I have an LBM and losses my strength going in and out of the rest room but that’s not it, I vomited two times until I have to cry for hubby to help me. He told me to get dress so we can go to the hospital but then my stomach ache stopped and replaced by sudden chill. I have a fever of 38.8 in temperature and I told hubby that I need to lie down.

And by this time the fever went down after it reached for almost 39.2 at 1am today. I have to get up because I’m having a body aches from lying and sleeping almost the whole day. My stomach is still rumbling but I can manage it. I hope the fever will stop but I still need to rest till tomorrow and hopefully I am better that time.

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1 shared their thoughts:

MiLeT said...

ang hirap ng lbm noh?