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One Year!

We celebrated our first year anniversary here in our office warehouse today.  Our bosses contributed for the food just this morning and I called Amber’s restaurant to ordered foods that they can easily prepared just in time for lunch.  What can it be except for pansit, fried chicken and pichi-pichi.  So when we thought that the foods are for everyone, we shared it for everybody but I kind of think that if without my will to ask for the contribution of the bosses, we will end up eating on some food stalls outside our office. We are left hanging and waiting (but i have a good feeling that it will end up like this) and good thing we have some food we shared to our couriers first and then we digged on it after.

I hope you know what I mean.  It’s kind of disappointing that it was ever happening considering that we are only few here in the office.  But life is like that and we have to deal with it everyday as long as we exist here.  It was never been the same before.  All I have to say is, carry on! 

So here’s some of the pictures I took this lunch.  Despite some irritating changes, we are happy to share what we have, for all of us.  Happy Anniversary, Parts Center! =)

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