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The 3-day weekend are about to end and i think the next holiday will be on November and that means we have to use our leave credits at work if want to do something on weekdays. Hubby and I with Vince and Franzine went on a birthday party of hubby’s friend and office mate’s son last Saturday. And these two kids had a blast especially Franzine who really likes to see magic shows and Vince had a dragon tattoo on his arm. Aubrey Reine wasn’t able to come because she had a practice at school where she was chosen in their school’s volleyball team. She’s becoming to be a big girl now.

We went to Laguna after the party to relax but not to forget my hubby's malling time. We strolled around Festival Mall in Alabang (near San Pedro) and we played at Tom's world (always had a kids in us) and treat ourselves on a Racks dinner. It has been a tiring week for me, i don't know (lack of sleep, maybe?) There are so many activities the whole day, late night sleep and then early morning wake up time (because the kids always knocks on the door to wake us up!) My cousin came from IlocosSur because she will pick his hubby up in the airport from the Middle East, a little bonding time again till its time to wrap up everything and went home. I will surely miss this long vacation.

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