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Mye Week

This is my birthday week (yey!).  And since August 1, my friends and family keep on reminding me of my upcoming birthday and hubby keep on singing to me the happy birthday song.  I filed for a day vacation before my birthday leave and so surprised to know that Wednesday was declared as a special non-working holiday so the public can pay respect to the late ex-President Cory Aquino (RIP) who will be laid to rest that day.  So I will be having my 5-day vacation including weekends and it’s the first time this year! I hope that this will be a fulfilling week for me and a happy one, too!


We watched ‘The Proposal’ yesterday at Mall of Asia, if you are a hopeless romantic person (like me!) and wants to have some fun and laughter, this is a must see movie for you.  Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds are perfect for their roles and their location in Sitka, Alaska is one of the best I’ve ever seen (though I read somewhere that it was actually filmed in Boston with some digitally enhanced views to look like Sitka, Alaska). But whatever,   I still love being there for once in my life.


Below are the photos of this beautiful place that makes the movie even more romantic. 

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MiLeT said...

pasensya at nde kita nasagot agad. naglbm pa rin ako eh. haha.

ung anchor text un ung text na lalagyan mo ng link.