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Mami adventure

Take it with my husband to think of going to one’s place even if he’d been there so many years ago or even it changes its address he would still try to find the place. It brings back old memories as he always says. So when he kept on telling me about this old Chinese restaurant in Binondo I knew that one day we will be going there. And as if there will be some reasons not to go, we went there this afternoon. Well, we’re about to give up because it’s quite far walking from Quaipo to Benavidez St. in Binondo where the famous Siopao and noodles soup are being sold in Masuko Mami Restaurant. Unfortunately, my family is not that keen in eating noodles since my mom seldom cooked that for us before but hubby and his friend (who came with us) really enjoyed digging up the large bowl of wanton and beef mami.

The taipao (combination of various flavors) siopao is big enough to satisfy your hunger, but truthfully, I didn’t enjoy the food that much, maybe because I was so tired from walking and noodles is not really my type for a dinner. Amazingly, we are full enough to think of eating again in some other rice-serving restaurant. And my hubby was able to find again this one place he wished to revisit.

The big bowl of mami and one big size of taipao siopao.

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