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Mye Special Day

Another year has passed and looking back, I have so many reasons to be grateful. I just really am so happy that I reached this age that I can and cannot said that I am fulfilled. But the feeling of contentment of just being here healthy and happy and surrounded by my loving peers, family and friends are enough to make me feel great all the time. The day before my birthday, I invited my 3 high school friends in a dinner at Luk Foo restaurant, though the other one didn’t make it because of work, my godchild, Angel came with her mom. Once we’re there, we never run out of topics to talk about. And we're really happy just to see each other again.

I told hubby that we should have even just a dinner or lunch with my family, but he said I should at least invite some of my friends and celebrate it at home. It was so nice that some of our friends gave us foods to include in the menu like crabs (big ones!) and cake. My family is complete except for my brother who came back from Qatar just in time for his twins birthday (Aug.6) but we never got a change to see him because the mother of his twins rented a van, waited at the airport and went straight to their province without bothering to let (even) my mom to see his son (gosh, I really should have forget about her at all, she's  making me sick again!) But anyways, some of my and hubby’s office mates came by and sing their hearts out. They really had fun till the wee hours of the morning.

Below are some of the photos. I just can’t thank enough my family and friends who gave me gifts, greeted me thru text, online, by calling me on the phone and simply being there for me on my big day. Till next year! =)

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