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Holiday and Rain

It’s been raining cats and dogs when we reached Baclaran Church this morning, we attended the first Wednesday novena mass and at the end they played “Bayan Ko” where everybody sings because we know that it was for the late ex-President Cory Aquino who is being laid to rest today at Manila Memorial in Paranaque. It was good thing that we have no work today, we will not be able to go to our office anyway. The whole side of the streets and highways are full of people waiting for the convoy from Manila Cathedral and there’s no way we can reached the office except by foot (in which I wouldn’t try or dare).

We are soaked and wet all over when we reached Mall of Asia after the mass and we went straight to the clothes section of the department store to buy new clothes so we could change. We keep laughing and greeted happy birthday to each other after we left the rest room. That is out of our plan but we just can’t go around the mall like that =)

Hubby injured his right knee during their basketball match last night. He keeps on complaining that it really hurts but early this morning, he insisted to go with me and eventually lured me going at the mall. We did the grocery and had lunch in Rack’s restaurant. I called Aling Baby, our resident home service "hilot" to check on his knee and now, he keeps on saying “ouch” and eventually bite a towel to refrain from saying any word! Ha-ha!

Here's how Manang squeezed my hubby's injured knee! It must be really painful. But i hope hubby's knee can recover soon. Basketball is one step of being body fit again =)

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