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Silver Linings

Hubby came home last night looking grumpy and when I asked what’s wrong with the face, he only said that he’s hungry.  But I knew him, there must be a reason.  So after we ate dinner, I made some coffee for both of us and told him to come to our room.  He sat on the sofa and I settled on our bed. 

I knew it, he was torn on some important decisions on his career.  We talked about it and advised him on what to do and what to expect.  Most of all, I gave him all the courage I have with me so he can continue to work for the common good (sounds like Dumbledore in Harry Potter, hehe).  I know being in the corporate world is one hell of a tough job, it will never be easy.  And when he seems discourage with the way things are going in there, I gave him hope and will to work as hard as he did before.  When there will come a time that all was done and was left with no choice, then it’s time to change the course of his path.  

I told him not to let the problems get in his way.  He show the most amazing leadership and his people respect him for that.  We can’t please everybody and not all can understand you fully well.  When all the people around seems to disappoint you and realized you are caught in the middle of the two opposite minds, just think of how your perseverance helped you to get there. There will always be a silver linings guiding you through. 

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