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Mom's Big Day

It’s Mama’s 64th birthday today. And it was a 3-day celebration and the first time that we are complete in the family and even some of our close relatives came by and stayed with us in Laguna making my mom so happy.My brother and one of his younger twins, Paolo came from the province (he said the eldest is sick with tonsillitis) and my Aunt’s family came too, so we decided to at least take this rare opportunity to have a get together also. Below are the series of this 3 days birthday celebration of my mother. 

Friday – We went for a lunch out at Leslie’s in Tagaytay. Though it rains on the way up there, good thing it stopped before we got out in the car. And then we strolled around the areas buying foods and fruits as we pass the almost traffic highway and the kids decided for a horse back riding and the oldies tried it too! =) We really had fun that day. We laughed hard as we joked with each others at the car. And bought some beef meat at the Mahogany market to continue the food trip at home.

Saturday – We prepared a sumptuous dinner for Mama, all of it are her favorite that she can’t choose what to eat first. Everyone participated and sing a happy birthday for her. The truth is, we are all in high spirits and our family is complete that we talked at the garden until the wee hours of the morning. Mom never asked for a gift so we all gave him cash gift (in which we know that's what she really want, ha-ha!)

This afternoon, hubby and I asked Mom to stroll around Mall of Asia since she and my dear husband shared one thing in common, endless malling (ha-ha! and that’s why he is my mom’s favorite in-law, lol!) We had dinner in Kenny’s and we walked around the bay area at the back of the mall and we played in Tom’s world.

At 64, my mom has still wants to do so many things in her life. And we are making it possible for her. She deserves all the glory in this life and raising five big and burly children is one achievement of a mother. We owe it to her and she knows how much we love her. So she deserved this one of a kind 3-day celebrations we gave her.

Happy Birthday, Mama!

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christina said...

happy bday to your mom :)