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Wonder Dog

I’m back at work and I just wish I can have few more days to rest.  My head still hurts and my eyes unfocused.  I promise I will not open my pc at night to rest my eyes. 

I have some cute and funny moments with our pet dog Chase during the times that I was sick.  My mother in law said that Chase just stays in our room and don’t even eat his food or bark at all.  I remember last Sunday when I have fever, I saw him sleeping beside me and we even shared the same pillow. My hubby said that he was like that the whole day. When I ate at the bed because I am too weak to go down, he will just sit beside the bed table and watched over me.  So when he goes down to pee, my MIL blocked the stairs with boxes so he can’t go up so he eat his foods, but he becomes agitated, barks at them and keeps on moaning while trying his way up again.  All the times that I was sleeping, he also sleeps beside me, sometimes putting his head on my feet or playing with the socks I'm wearing.  

They are worried that he’ll get sick too by not eating so I decided to go down and eat dinner at the dining table.  He went down with me and to their amazement, when Chase saw that I’m putting some soup in the bowl, he approached his dog bowl and chows all his foods while he keeps on glancing at me.  By the time I sit on the chair, he already finished his foods and he jumps on the empty chair beside me and watched me eat.

I was so touched on how he behaves that day.  Sometimes we wonder if he can really sense that I am sick.  And he’s helping me in his very own unique way.  We knew how sweet Chase is and he does things that made you think that he’s a human reincarnated. But I am so grateful that he accompanied me during the times that I am hurting.  What a wonder dog =)

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