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Good Job!

I withdrew my blogging earnings today (oh, I really love it! lol!)  And I’m thinking if that is enough to buy my Elba oven.  I want to start baking because I have this idea of giving my baked products as a gift this Christmas.  Next week, it’s a BER month already and time really flies.  But I have to complete first my baking utensils.  I’m so excited about it. 

Hubby got another problem in the office.  I can only give him strength and advise to carry on. But last night, I feel so sad for him that I am looking for the sign if he has take the challenge of staying there and face the never ending office issues or move out to take another steps on his career.  He loves that job, because he earned it.  But some people step on the others just to make it on top that easy.  Backstabbing is their easy way to achieve it.  What a lame move.  Oh, it’s getting on my nerves again.  Hubby is not used in this situation because he always plays fair.  I can only rant and get angry when he told me the stories and wants to fight for him but what’s the use? He himself must do something about it.  He must talk to the concern persons and I pray that everything will be fine.  Okay, so much for that. 

So glad that’s it Friday payday again, and Monday is yet another non working holiday! Hubby needed that long break so his mind can move away from that negative issues at work.  We have children’s party to attend tomorrow and Vince and Francine will be going with us.  

Happy Weekend! =)  Aja, aja!

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