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Chic and Sexy

A chic party is fine but sexy? Well, I have doubts about that. But it’s all in the mind. Actually, I feel sexy though my body says otherwise (ha-ha!). So when our company announced that we will have a chic and sexy party, I can only sigh that I will have to dress up casually in that occasion. I still have problems on my diet and my hubby is not that cooperating because he really loves to eat. I have new colleagues this year and as usual, we have a blast thought it’s a company event. One thing I am so proud of with our team is that we stick together in every event in our company and all is cooperating.

Though we have a popular restaurant as a caterer, they served foods that off in my taste so they don’t deserved a second serving, well that help with my diet. I also received a 5 year loyalty award plus a cash reward and most of us in our team received that award so we can be happier being in the stage though we are 102 recipients that night. We were not that lucky in the raffle draws and only one won the price of dinner for two in Sofitel Hotel which I asked him to sell the voucher to me. After the announcement of major raffle prize, I decided I should go home and I’m lucky that hubby was awake that time and he agreed to pick me up because I have my SLR camera to me and I don’t want to go home alone. I bid goodbye to my colleagues who’s starting to dance with the live band performing on the stage.

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