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Collecting Gifts

Nathan is feeling the spirit of Christmas right now, with lots of love around him from his family and gracious gifts from our relatives whenever they dropped by in our house from abroad or those who wants to say hi to him. They said he looks handsome in his face book pictures but he’s more handsome in person. Wow, I can see a future in entertainment world. Ha-ha!

Nathan used to ignore me whenever I call his name for the picture taking but now once I click on my camera he will give me his angelic smiles and even pose for more pictures. So I’m not having a hard time now when I take a picture of his Boracay shirts that my hubby’s cousin gave him the other night after a week stint in that famous beach. After a few more practice steps and he just went to sleep. Aw, such a baby :)

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1 shared their thoughts:

Shew said...

Wow, blessing po yan ah!! Lucky to have Nathan a wonderful family and generous relatives. :) How about his Ninongs/Ninangs?

Nakakamiss maging bata! haha!