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Exchage Gifts

Our yearly Christmas exchange gift our office is always as funny as ever. So I’m glad that most of us join this once a year event and everybody participated. The only things that change this year is that we have some raffle draws and I wish there will be more next year. Well, that really depends on our sponsors. But nevertheless, we had a great time because we were so excited who got who and what did they bought according to your wish list. You will have to describe your “baby” before you give your gift and then the baby will describe his/her baby and the laughter continues. Our small time raffle draws was even happier because we were all anticipating that I might get their name from the box. But though I went home empty handed from that raffle draw, I still recall the funny side of it. If only I can wish that we will be like that all the time, happy and relax.

I got a super duper cute teddy bear! :)

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