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Long Vacation

I’m excited and at the same time feeling the pressure in the office because I will take a leave from work starting tomorrow and will resume work next week, New Year. Though I’m still sleepy and tired I need to work and turn over my work properly. I actually planned to take a leave the whole week but I need to accomplished one important work and hopefully we can pull it though to start a new year with some good news.

Aside from the much anticipated long weekend, I take the opportunity to bring home our account pet cat who’s serving his terms beside our rest room and he never leaves the area when we started to give him foods to eat. He’s been such a good cat that everyone likes him and he becomes our resident pet. But he needs to move out before our boss in compliance department will notice that he’s been there all along when the others was being thrown out and away one by one. I know he will be a good house pet but I’m worried Chase will never accept him because that’s the way of the cats and dogs but I’m hoping he will let Muning the cat to at least stay in front of our door. I endure to ride in the jeepney going home with Nathan’s gifts and a big box with a cat inside in both hands. Munings keeps on scratching the box and he even clawed my finger accidentally and it hurts! But he’s well behaved when I let him out of the box and I hope when I wake up next morning, he’s still there. So, fingers crossed :)

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