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Christmas Gifts

Just want to thank to some dear friends for the gifts and wonderful message this Yuletide Season. While I never expected to receive the fruit basket from one of our customer, I’m grateful that they did. My hubby got most of the gifts from friends and colleagues but it was an overwhelming gift of wine and liquors! Well, giving wine is my last option too if I can’t think of anything else to give to a friend.

Another surprise if from hubby’s cousin working in Dubai, she gave me lots of baking utensils and an expensive one too! Really, that is certainly good news this Christmas. She also gave hubby a complete set of Gillette fusion that includes a razor, lotion, after shave and gel. I heartfully thank also to our friends who remember our baby Nathan, I’m quite overwhelmed to know that aside from giving one to me or to my hubby, they now included Nathan in their lists. Thank you, friends and God bless you all!

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