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Together Again

I decided to take a break from watching and getting involved from the PBB show this year. My last memories from a girl teen housemate we supported before ends up in a disaster and I don’t want to have another one again. Hubby asked me if I’m sick knowing that I am not watching my favourite reality show and I told him I have no time since baby Nathan occupies most of my time now.

But my online and fellow supporters before are still very much friends in the cyber world and I’m so glad that despite of what happened we tried to reach with another no matter how busy we can be because of our work and professions. We wanted to see each other before Christmas and we planned countless of dates to meet up but we end up cancelling the dates because of busy schedules and prior commitments. So I told them that no matter how we tried to be together again, we will end up incomplete because December is the busiest month of the year. So we agreed on Dec. 18 date and we went on complete of not

It was a blast and I am so happy to be with them again after so many months. We talked a lot about anything and everything, we exchange gifts, we ate lunch at Gerry’s Grill in Glorietta 5 in Makati and we are still full when we went to Starbucks and a friend bought different kinds of cakes for dessert, her treat for not bringing gifts for us.J We then proceed to other place to meet another friend before we called it a day and I went to Greenbelt church to meet hubby and baby Nathan. I still want to see them again, someday.

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