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College Reunion

I had a great college life, I’m quite popular in our department because I spear headed our society plus I'm quite good in academics. I don’t know how that happened when I am just a typical happy go-lucky high school student before. I even asked my class adviser to transferred me two section below from the star section because I can’t stand the fast pace life of being in top section when my thoughts that time was to enjoy being a teenager.

It’s been so many years since I graduated from college and I don’t see them often except for some few whom I got to see once in a while over dinner or lunch dates. So when someone organized a reunion through Facebook, I thought why not? So we set up the date which was moved from time to time because of unavailability of some but it was all worth it when you see them one by one and entering the door of our room in Music 88. I had a blast, we sing and dance as if we never have our own family and the time was so fast there was so much to talk about our lives after college. So set up another meet ups with one of our college friend but that will happen early next year. But I will look forward to be with them again, I spent 4 challenging years of my life with them before and you couldn’t just put that to waste.

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