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Office Night Out

To make it different this year, most of us decided to celebrate our Christmas party outside from our traditional lunch-snack feast at the office every year. Though I know it will be more costly to do that but it’s totally different now, the ambiance, the camaraderie, trust issues, and it’s never been the same before, people had a change of heart and we tend to group ourselves away from your team and it saddens me that only one person can help us to stay all together don’t do anything about it or don’t bother at all. I lost the interest of asking them if there will be any celebration but our courier’s boss step up and told me to go on with the usual plan. I’m glad that most of us were there in the venue at Shakeys, though some were late because of work but at least they came and I saw the happiness and hesitation on some faces but all well ends well. I genuinely had fun with the team. It felt good just by looking at them having a great time, too. I bought some useful things for the raffle draw this Thursday after our yearly exchange gift. I got my Starbucks planner and I got a free coffee from my seat mate, Mike. Another good night to remember :)

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