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South bound

It was another first for baby Nathan and after a year for us when hubby decided to visit Tagaytay City again. I’m quite excited about it and the fact that you can at least unwind from all the traffic, dust and stress. We both needed that and we went to visit the usual spots in Tagaytay buying foods and souvenirs along the way.

Nathan is a natural traveller, I guess when the time comes that we'll need to go abroad, he will be more delighted than me. He’ll go to sleep and then wakes up without showing any signs of tantrums and he loves to look outside. He really is like hubby who loves to go out if given any chance during weekends.

It rained but thank God it stops before it spoils our day. We had a great time and we love the pineapples, corns, bananas and other fruits we bought along the highway. We also stopped to buy at Bag of Beans store's all time favorite raisins bread. I hope to spend another day in Tagaytay, and I hope I can get a big discount for an overnight stay next year. Fingers crossed.

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