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I took my first leave from work this year because Nathan needs to see his pedia, his LBM is worsening and I’m afraid it will lead to dehydration and we don’t want that to happen. Good thing that his health card from hubby’s company is now effective since January.

I don’t want to change his paediatrician anymore but then when I checked on the card’s coordinator I found out that his paediatrician is included in the lists of accredited doctors. We were so glad that I never have to change Nate’s doctor anymore. Nate was subjected to fecalysis test and he advised to drink lots of fluid and some vial to prevent his diarrhea from getting worst. His doctor reminds us to observe his moods, or if his lips get dry and his if he gets lethargic. But looking at him he is so active and loves to play and I pray that despite of his watery poos, he will respond to the medicine his doctor gave him. And I just spent my whole Friday being with my baby. I love the bonding moments.

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