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New Year's Resolution

Oh, Thursday, first week of the year is about to end and I’m still not recovering from my holiday fatigue contrary to my dream of ultimate relaxation and get away plans. I think I should not get my long vacation in between December holidays again. Hubby’s nephew celebrated his 10th birthday last night in the house, I should start on my diet and even reminding hubby not to forget to buy me an air bike. But a hot pansit and ice cream are such a tempting food to ignore, so ate again knowing I should be at our room doing some exercise. I should be firm on not looking on our dining table so I will not see what’s on top of it. I need to do it for my own sake, I’m feeling heavy right now and eating at night will not do me good.

I still have some uncooked left over foods in the refrigerator and that is my priority this weekend. Operation cleans up ref.

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