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HAPPY 2012!

New Year! 2012! It was such a pain and gain 2011 for us and for my family. I thank God for the wonderful year behind us. Amidst Nathan’s hospitalization before his first birthday, we were able to pull it through with God’s help.

A friend in the office asked us what the most memorable moments we had last year. And I said when God gave Nathan to us and hubby was promoted in his new job. We were able make it through the year and I was able to help my family too. There are so many things that happened and I can’t recall all of them anymore and there are also challenges and sacrifice but when you have strong faith to God anything is possible.

I have high hopes this year. I just wish I will be able to open a small business with my sisters. I just have to focus on that and I pray that God will bless us more.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, friends!! ♥

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