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I had a not so good feeling during the first week this year. Maybe I need a good body massage to help boost my energy or else I will be feeling this way all though out. Or I can blame the ever changing weather because people are starting to get sick because of this sunny-rainy weather. That will count as one of those reasons.

I don’t believe much on the New Year resolutions because I can’t keep one too. Ha-ha! I actually list down all I want to achieve this year and so far the only check my Starbucks planner got among the many to-do lists I write down is the air bike I badly needed to trim down my heavy weight.

Funny that shoes inventory and clean up is included in my to-do. Hubby wanted me to clean my shoe racks and throw away those old shoes and sandals whose just adding a safe home for cockroaches and spider webs.

With my long lists to fulfill including some impossible ones, I need to stay on focus. I will have to start banking and investing which I will be very happy if I’ll see a check mark on it on my planner. I really have to cross fingers more often.

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