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Year 2012

I’m starting my 2012 at work feeling sleepy and though I have lots of things to do I still have the urge to lie down and sleep. I haven’t got my full rest from last weekend’s New Year celebration plus hubby decided (out of plan) that we should go to Tagaytay unprepared and getting some leftover foods we can bring along with us. How I wish I can object because all I wanted to do is to sleep the whole morning but they have all this on-the-go spirit and I don’t want to ruined it so I tagged along and it's cooler in Tagaytay but I thought all the people in the Metro decided to spent their New Year in that place too. Quite a traffic! We just enjoyed our lunch and the views and the cool breeze. And when Nathan slept from the entire trip back home I take the opportunity to sleep with him but that wasn’t enough till now. I need to get back my energy because there will be no more long holiday until this January 23.

I feel heavy from eating a lot, I know. So aside from wishing I'll be very very nice as my New Year’s resolution, I will have to focus on dieting. So help me God. Please! :)

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