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New Tasks

I was quite overwhelmed with the scope of work I had this year. I know I have to adjust fast and learn quick or else I will have deal to one of many nightmares of my life while at the office, ha-ha! Kidding aside, I need to brave myself on many changes that will happen this year. But most of all, I need to focus and do a perfect time management to be able to carry on with my new tasks.

I’m quite surprise that when I checked on the clock it was almost end of office hours and I was rushing to the rest room to do my thing and aside from that I’m worried that I will divert my other attention by eating. Oh my, I will have to concentrate on my diet but what can I do when I feel so busy and the foods are pouring beside my table because that’s the only thing my office mates wants to do when pressured and stressed was to eat, eat and eat.

So I have to say it’s a whole new world for us this year. I hope and pray to God we can make it through.

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