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Subic Day 1

Hubby made some urgent plan on going to Subic and stay in Subic for 3 days with just one week notice to me to look for a place to stay. I have to check online and go though some available hotels but unfortunately, most hotels are fully booked. So my last resort is to book different hotels in 2 nights just to accommodate us. One being quite expensive and the other are economical.

We hope to drive early in the morning but we are so tired and sleepy the night before that we end up in the road going to Subic at almost 8am. Hubby braved to drive his car in a long trip for the first time and I’m so happy that he did all the driving.

Driving in SCTEX made the entire long trip worthwhile. We had a short stop in McDonalds and we enjoyed the nature that surrounds us, it's just picturesque. Country roads are really amazing.

Since our check in time is 2PM, I urged hubby to try the famous New Feng Huang Chinese restaurant in Subic instead of the usual Gerry’s Grill in boardwalk. The foods are great and delicious but quite expensive. They gave us a free Tikoy (Chinese New Year cake) since Monday is their New Year and that's why we had this vacation (public holiday).

We went straight to our hotel in Argonaut St. after we ate and Nathan had a blast walking around in our spacious room. The hotel is overlooking the sea and they had a small museum from the relics they’ve got underwater. Hubby promised to check it out before we leave the place tomorrow. It’s quite hot outside so we just stayed in our room to cool down.

Next stop is the Ocean Adventure and though Nathan cried in surprised when dolphins jump out of the water in one of their exhibition. I even captured one dolphin happily greeted us before the show start. Nathan loves the Sea Lion show and fascinated with salt water fishes in the aquarium and we heard him saying shhh... shhh as in fish while pointing on the colourful fishes in the tank.

Day 1 ends with us strolling around the area. We are so tired after dinner that everybody wants to rest and sleep.

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