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Stress Reliever

I’ve been under pressure the whole week that I’m longing for this day, Friday, to come. I’m acting a bit weird that even if it’s only Monday, I’m wishing that the next day will be Friday. But can you blame me when you have a new job that requires you to transfer from one computer to another? Or maybe I am not used in doing that but I hope all will be okay on the days to come. I just need a comprehensive time management to do multi-tasking from now on.

But forget about the stress, I finally made some reservations for our Subic get away tomorrow. That added some pressures on my mind when most of the hotels I’ve checked online are fully booked. But alas! I’ve made a reservation before the day ends but I booked on two different hotels but just the same it sounds cool.

I’m looking forward for our Subic adventure and Nathan will come with us together with my Mom and mother in-law. Happy weekend!

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