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Subic Day 2

Day 2 starts with having a Jollibee breakfast with lots of pan cakes for Nathan. And then we decided to visit the hotels museum and had a little stroll at the sea shore. Hubby wants to have fun in our room and everybody get along even baby Nathan.

We had a lunch in the hotel’s by the bay restaurant and we checked out at past 12nn and we went straight to our new place near the Dewey Ave.

Our next pit stop is Zoobic Safari. Following the road just like going to Ocean Adventure, hubby knows the way and we went to see the tigers and the crocodiles that made the zoo well known to visitors. The only problem is that it was so hot and we have to walk around the area in that hot sunny day. Good thing Nathan didn’t throw any tantrums just like the other babies we’ve seen and I guess because he enjoys looking on the many amazing exotic animals along the way. After of almost 3 hours in the Zoo, we went back to our place and go straight to the shower.

We went in Subic Fiesta Carnival that night and I enjoyed our stint there more than anybody else. I unleashed my kiddie side of me and played the games and won. We end up carrying 1.5l of coke, and prizes on our way back in the Inn. We are so tired again I was left alone doing this blog and they are all sleeping soundly beside me. I really love this vacation.

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