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Subic Day 3

Day 3 comes with a heavy heart. We still want to extend with our vacation but we have work tomorrow and we need time to rest before hard work begins. I heart to hubby’s wish on having more long vacation, more than me, he is the one who works through long hours being in the IT field.

But reality bites and we need to make most of our shorten time today and we begin by eating at the Inn’s restaurant fronting the bay and Nate’s first taste of the sea shore. He’s annoyed at first on why’s the sand tickling his feet but when he went farther enough to touch the water he jumps and play with it until we need to carry him back to our place (which is only just across the street) because the sun is getting hotter even if it just 730 in the morning.

We just stayed in our place and packed our belongings and we checked out an hour before our time and spent the remainder of our time checking on some goods to buy in Puregold Duty Free store and some on-sale stores nearby. Hubby particularly requested to have our lunch in S&R and good thing they have a meal promo. The Blue bunny ice cream tastes really creamy and their pizza and burger are really delicious.

When I saw the road sign of going to Manila, it’s time to say goodbye to a wonderful place like Subic. I hope we have another chance on staying there once more.

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