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Summer is here! And it’s scorching hot outside! I have to wear sunscreen on my face and I’m not going out without my umbrella because it will totally ruin my day. I have colds now because of heat and cold condition when going out and back to our air-conditioned office.

I think of ways to ease the feeling and when we went to the Mall last weekend. I saw a kiosk reminding me of my elementary days, an ice scramble! And I’m proud to introduce it my baby Nate and hubby’s delighted to know that its back and he said he likes it too during his younger years. The old scramble mix is with powdered milk and liquid Hershey’s chocolate on top but now I saw that variants of toppings like nips candies, marshmallows, choco bits and others are available for your scramble. Children fall in line just to have this affordable and yet delicious ice craze.
I also made some fruit ice candy at home and that will surely make our day during every hot afternoon. I having a second thought organizing a swimming outing for our family, I can’t bear to swim in an open pool like that, never.

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