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We always know Nathan as sweet little boy with a happiest spirit on earth. But as he grows fast and now a little toddler, he’s behavior is changing day by day and throwing tantrums is on the top list. He wants to get things that are not allowed for him to play and he cry his heart out whenever he can’t get want he wants. His pediatrician said I should have one person to look at him personally whenever hubby and I are in the office. Nate’s age means exploration, wandering, curiosity and testing all the things he sees around him.

Nate wanted to play the fork and spoon and he mightily throwing a fit. ha-ha!

And even with our smiling faces in the pictures, his dramatic pose says it all :)

But Nate’s tantrums can be easily diverted to other thing, in which I think we should need to be on alert on that. Sometimes he used his moods to get on the way and then smiles happily on you when he has it. Soon he will grow up and will no longer allow us to call him baby. But he will always be our little prince and for now, we will enjoy being with him every single day with or without his tantrums :)

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